On Brand

We believe that brand is behaviour.

We work with our clients to zero in on what makes their brand unique while teasing out unidentified traits that often help guide their business and products.

Developing a deep level of understanding empowers us to create brand marks and applications in identity systems that are tailored to their needs and lock step with their behaviour. It results in expressive and recognizable designs that instilling trust in their customers, are congruent with brand behaviour, and stand the test of time.

If you would like us to find what makes your business tick and give it form, please contact us.

Getting to know you​

The first step in our process involves an in-depth analysis and investigation of the values and behaviours of the entity in question.

Develop an identifying mark

We create marks that exemplify the core tenants of the brand’s values to create consistency in brand representation, building trust with its audience and staying true to itself.

Brand expressions and applications

Intimate knowledge of the brand allows us to produce derivative works and applications of the brand so that each piece speaks with the same voice.


How we frame things matters. We pay attention and crop in on that which is important. We narrow our view to prune and add clarity

What is Spectrum?

A first look into the development of Spectrum, a live visual narrative audio visualization too.

The importance of a long walk

The occupation of multidisciplinary creative problem solver is a strange one. When we bring our minds to bear on a problem we bring the culmination

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