Better together

Education and elevation go hand in hand. Spreading knowledge invites meaningful and informed the participation of those around us—a rising tide raises all ships.

The process of inquiry and seeking knowledge is fundamental to creating great design. Learning about processes, audiences, technologies, methodologies, techniques, expectations, and objectives factor into making a design successful. It equips us with the knowledge to make impactful decisions and in the absence of answers, to ask the right questions.

We believe that design is an exercise in empathy. As designers we place ourselves in the shoes of the audience to use communication techniques and languages to communicate respectfully, inclusively, and effectively. One of the key tools that we use to develop this empathy is education through inquiry.

We belive that the fundamental role of education and inquiry in the design process is so important that we consciously emphasize it as a part of our practice.

How can we help you?

If you are interested in having us design course material or are interested in other education related services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sharing knowledge

We celebrate fearless exploration of ideas and do much of our learning in public through play, live streaming, and public written articles. Dissemination of design thinking encourages deeper dialogues and empowers all people to be heard.

Initiatives and experience

  • Lectured and designed undergraduate and honours level art/design courses
  • Design and development workshops and tutoring
  • Currently writing a book presenting the fundamentals of web programming with Rust and the Leptos framework.

Client education and support

Clients understand their customers and their needs, often intuitively as the result of acquired experiential knowldge. We work with our clients to introduce design thinking heuristics so that we can partner with them in solving design problems. By speaking the same language we can collaborate to produce more effective work in less time. We’re able to effectively open a dialogue about customer needs and objectives in the context of design decisions—because communication is key.

The resulting relationship is one where we’re excited to work together, accumulating knowledge and producing great quality work.

Inquiry as an investment

We convert our clients intuitive implicit domain knowledge into explicit sharable knowledge that we can reference. All too often our inquiry uncovers new business objectives and brand values. Discovery leads to growth.


To do something with design is to do something with intent. We are always happy to communicate the thought behind our decisions and invite our clients to grow along the process.

Technical Support

We strongly advocate for educating our clients on technical aspects of their design tools so that they are empowered to use them as needed. We believe our clients should not be reliant on us, even though we’re always here to help.


How we frame things matters. We pay attention and crop in on that which is important. We narrow our view to prune and add clarity

What is Spectrum?

A first look into the development of Spectrum, a live visual narrative audio visualization too.

The importance of a long walk

The occupation of multidisciplinary creative problem solver is a strange one. When we bring our minds to bear on a problem we bring the culmination

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